Laguna de Apoyo:

Laguna de Apoyo is a volcanic crater lake and nature reserve home to 250 birds, howler monkeys, and unique fish species.

Enjoy nature, head down to the public beach and go for a swim, take out one of our kayaks, join in a dive with Volcano Divers, or simply relax at the lodge.

Day Trips:

In under 30 minutes you can reach some of Nicaragua’s top destinations- making the laguna a great hub for day trips. Our staff can help to arrange transportation and advise places to visit.

Hike to San Juan de Oriente & Catarina:

Hike along a nature trail from the bottom of the laguna to San Juan de Oriente and Catarina. Engloy the artisanal crafts made by locals and look out at the Mirdor-giving you a view of the laguna, Granada, Volcano Mombacho, and Masaya.

Masaya’s Artisanal Markets & Masaya Volcano:

Spend the day wandering through Masaya’s gigantic artisanal markets and bartering with vendors. Head to the Masaya Volcano at night and watch active lava bubble inside the crater.

Granada & Las Isletas:

Explore Granada, a beautiful Spanish colonial city founded in 1524. Wander the pastel colored streets, stroll along the boulevard of Lake Nicaragua, or take a boat to the isletas.