Laguna de Apoyeque

***Coming Soon!***

Next to Lago de Xiloa, only separated by the old crater wall, lies Laguna de Apoyeque. Apoyeque is a dormant volcano and its last eruption was only about 2000 years ago. Due to its history of major eruptions separated by 2000 years, this volcano is considered dangerous and under close watch by the local authorities.
Only a handful of people has gone diving here before us. The challenge of getting to the laguna makes it an exciting and unique experience!

Just getting to the laguna is an adventure. By car we drive for about 30 minutes through the poor countryside of Nicaragua, when the climb to the top begins. Another 30 minutes by car on a small dirt road will take you to the top of the caldera. Looking down about 400 meters you can see the blue and green water of the laguna waiting for you, with a surrounding white rim of sulphur. In the distance you can see lake Managua and Lago de Xiloa. Except for the antenna where we park at the top, you won’t see any buildings. There are no fishermen, no boats, no bars or restaurants around the Laguna, nothing but pure wilderness.

This is where we will start our hike down: 45 minutes going steeply downhill, climbing over rocks, through bushes, beyond trees where every now and then you get a peek at the laguna as we are slowly approaching. Do not underestimate this hike, be sure to bring good hiking shoes and appropriate clothing! After becoming one of few who has gone diving in this unique crater lake, the hour hike back up to the car will almost guarantee a nap during the car ride back. Due to the difficulty of the hike, we will hire porters to carry the tanks down to the laguna.

We are currently exploring Laguna de Apoyeque to offer the most incredible dives. If you already would like some more information, or want to be one of the first divers to join us on this adventure, be sure to contact us!

Laguna de Apoyeque