Laguna de Apoyo


About 23,000 years ago a strong volcanic explosion left a hole six kilometers in diameter. It filled with subterranean water and rain, to what we know now as Laguna de Apoyo.

At the bottom of the crater, right by the lake, is our home base set at the Peace Project hostel. Surrounded by a protected nature reserve, the beauty of the Laguna is enchanting, from the beautiful sunrise over the lake, to the howler monkeys greeting the dawn, and the lovely breeze that provide some relief from the heat of the cities of Nicaragua. It is easy to reach from Masaya and Granada, and still makes for a perfect place to enjoy nature and tranquility.

Laguna de Apoyo is a special place to dive. Warm waters year round make a wetsuit unnecessary and visibility is always good. What really makes it special, is the fact you are diving in a volcanic crater lake, where you put your hands in thermal vents heated by magma, where you see sulphur bubbles make their way up to the surface, where you dive along volcano slopes together with endemic fish. Laguna de Apoyo is a closed circuit, meaning the fish have developed in unique ways and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.