Lago de Xiloa


Lago de Xiloa is a crater lake with a diameter of only 2 km, formed as part of the Apoyeque complex. The last time that Apoyeque erupted was approximately 50 BC, and it was one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history. The power of this eruption created a ring of volcanic craters, including Laguna de Apoyeque, Miraflores dome and Lago de Xiloa. In its early days Lago de Xiloa was connected to Lake Managua. After losing that connection, the fish species all started to evolve in a unique way.

Xiloa is a rural, mostly undeveloped area with hardly any tourism. There is a remainder from efforts of the local government to promote tourism, but no hotels, hostels or guesthouses. It is about an hour and a half from Laguna de Apoyo by car so it makes for a great day trip, or if you would like to do more days of diving, we have a house with a few guest rooms available.

The diving in Xiloa is very exciting as it is more of an advanced dive site than Apoyo. Steep walls go down into the depths and an abundance of fish of all different species.  Your experience of a Volcano Crater is even more enhanced when you stumble upon big holes where constant streams of boiling hot sulphur can be seen moving towards the surface.

This all makes it a great place to do a couple of fun dives or to partially complete your PADI Advanced Open Water course.